1 - Zombie Industries Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target - Chris (Gray Color)

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  • Manufacturer Zombie Industries
  • Manufacturer SKU ZOMB10001CHRIS
  • Quantity 1

This is a Zombie Industries Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target - Chris (Gray Color). Be prepared for the next Zombie outbreak with these Tactical Targets. Zombie targets are life-sized; three-dimensional tactical mannequins that bleed and burst into little pieces of blood soaked Zombie matter when you shoot them! Each Zombie is manufactured in the USA and is hand painted to accurately resemble an infected human. These reusable targets are good for up to 1000 rounds, and contain biodegradable "Zombie Blood". Includes wood stake to mount the Zombie, printed box with standard shaded scoring line target on both sides. For added entertainment, Tannerite is also available, which can be inserted in the head or chest cavity of the Tactical Target for optimum Zombie destruction.

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