1 - Zombie Industries Eurasian Boar Bleeding Target - (Tan Color)

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  • Manufacturer Zombie Industries
  • Manufacturer SKU ZOM10010

This is a Zombie Industries Eurasian Boar Bleeding Target - Tan Color. Zombie Industries' Bloodline Eurasian Boar Decoy Targets are designed to help make every shot count on your next hunt!  Zombie hunting animals are life-sized three-dimensional Decoy Targets that “bleed” when you shoot them, using Zombie Industries’ patent-pending proprietary technology.  Using a life-sized wild animal decoy target delivers immediate and measurable benefits with a new dimension of reality previously unavailable to the hunting community.  This NEW 3-D target technology gives you a full 180 degrees of strike point opportunity that paper targets just can’t offer.  Plus, these targets deliver greater realism. The Zombie Boar target can be reused to finish off another day. Includes 2 wood stakes to mount the target.

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