1 - Zombie Industries Binary Exploding Rifle Targets (two included)

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  • Manufacturer Zombie Industries
  • Manufacturer SKU ZOMBTANNER
  • Quantity 1

This is Zombie Industries Binary Exploding Rifle Targets (two included). Zombie Industries’ Exploding Rifle Targets (Tannerite) are to be used at no less than 100 yards. This Binary Target uses a two part mixture, simply mix and shoot. After you’re satisfied with your short-range Zombie killing results, move Zombie to a distance of AT LEAST 100 yards, insert Exploding Rifle Targets and practice your sniper skills. Positive impact of high velocity rounds on Exploding Rifle Targets generates huge laughs with its ‘mild’ explosion. Use a center fire rifle round, 5.56mm or larger, as pistol rounds will not initiate these targets. Zombie Industries' Exploding Targets are safe, legal, and fun.  Please be safe when using this product, it is not a toy. Destroy the Undead!

Binary Exploding Target Restrictions: Binary Exploding Targets are legal in some areas of the U.S. Please be aware of your local laws before ordering. We will not ship Binary Exploding Targets to the State of California.


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