1 - WieBad Loop Steady Rest Bag (SRB) Coyote

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  • Shooting Support Type Bipods
  • Manufacturer WieBad
  • Manufacturer SKU WBLOOPCOY

This is a WieBad Loop Steady Rest Bag (SRB) Coyote. The Loop Steady Rest Bag was designed as a bean bag that you could throw into the truck and take to the shooting range. The Loop SRB is a flexible rest that can be placed under the front or rear of the rifle stock. In the front, it is used to stabilize the rifle on hard surfaces. Under the rear of the rifle stock it is used for elevation adjustment. Keeping the rifle steady and on target through recoil will help you make better, more accurate shots. Made from 1000D Cordura Nylon. Bags are triple stitched for strength. Filled with polypellets, which do not absorb water. Approximate size: 8"x5"x1.25". Approximate weight: 1.5 lb.


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