1 - U.S. Mil-Spec Triple Action WHITE Smoke Grenade

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  • Manufacturer A.L.S. Less Lethal Systems

This is a U.S. Mil-Spec. Triple Action White smoke Grenade. These smoke grenades are manufactured by A.L.S. Technologies, and are currently being used by our military in Iraq. The Tri-Action, White Smoke Grenade is a hand thrown device that releases three separate sub-munitions on discharge. The sub-munitions will separate between 15' and 20' apart, giving a wide coverage area per sub-munition. The ALS G973 is extremely effective in creating diversions for tactical operations.The Triple Action White Smoke Grenade delivers a cloud of white Smoke for approximately 30 seconds per sub-munition. These Grenades are used for training and screening purposes and are also very effective in creating a diversion for certain tactical operations. These smoke grenades are great for the paintball field when a wide range of cover is needed. These smoke grenades require the user to be able to throw them high enough for it to seperate in the air. If the smoke grenade hits the ground before it seperates it may not work properly. This is not something that is hard to do, you just have to throw them high and away from you.

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