1 - U.S. Mil-Spec Continuous Discharge CS Tear Gas Grenade

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  • Manufacturer A.L.S. Less Lethal Systems

This is a U.S. Mil-Spec. Continuous Discharge CS Tear Gas Grenade. These Tear Gas grenades are manufactured by A.L.S. Technologies, and are currently being used by our military in Iraq. The Continuous Discharge, CS Tear Gas Grenade delivers a cloud of CS tear gas for approximately 30 seconds. This product is restricted by A.L.S. Technologies to law enforcement agents, military personnel, FFL holders, and private security officers. If you purchase this item you must copy and then paste the following statement in the comment section during checkout.

By purchasing this product I agree that I am either a law enforcement officer, military personnel, FFL holder or a private security officer. I agree to use this product according to the terms and conditions set forth by A.L.S Technologies.

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