1 - Tuff1 Gun Grip Cover Double Cross Grip Black

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  • Manufacturer Tuff1
  • Color Black
  • UPC Barcode 855697003083

This is a Tuff1 Gun Grip Cover Double Cross Grip Black. TUFF1 utilizes a proprietary formula to produce an extremely flexible and durable gun grip cover that fits universally on nearly every polymer-handled firearm available. Tuff1 gun grip covers provide reduced slip and improved handling without changing the manufacturer's design and shooting feel. Every stage of the design, development, manufacturing, packaging, and fulfillment is completed in the USA.

High performance - no tear and no slip. Universal fit for rear and front handles. Quick and easy installation. Low profile and extremely low weight. Unique custom texture. TUFF1 delivers what others can’t - Durability, Performance and Style.

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