1 - Tactical Solutions AR22 M4 .22LR Complete Upper

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  • Manufacturer Tactical Solutions
  • Manufacturer SKU ARM4

This is the Tactical Solutions AR22 M4 .22LR Complete Upper. Tactical Solutions’ AR-22 M4 .22 LR dedicated upper is a must have for the shooter who wants to train at a fraction of the cost and have the best solution for shooting .22LR on an AR platform. Utilizing an existing lower allows the shooter to train with the equipment they are familiar with. The Mil-Spec receiver with a 1913 Picatinny rail gives the look and feel of the standard AR-15. The stainless steel bolt and precision tool steel bolt rail give the strength and precision required for smooth and reliable feeding. With a M4 style 16.1″ contour barrel, standard M4 handguard, removable flash hider, and Mil-Spec front sight post, this dedicated .22 LR upper is the closest feel to your Mil-Spec AR-15 M4. The 1 in 16″ twist barrel makes this an accurate dedicated .22 LR. The threaded 1/2″-28 muzzle allows for easy install of accessories such as a suppressor or compensator. All of the above bundled together with a Black Dog 25-round glass-filled polycarbonate magazine makes this AR-22 M4 essential for any serious shooter.

Tactical Solutions’ products are made in the USA by highly qualified machinists, gunsmiths and shooters.

*Copy of Photo ID required for purchase of any uppers.

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