1 - Tactical Rubber Ball Continuous Discharge WHITE Smoke Grenad

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  • Manufacturer A.L.S. Less Lethal Systems

This is a U.S. Mil-Spec. Rubber Hard Ball Continuous Discharge White smoke Grenade. These smoke grenades are manufactured by A.L.S. Technologies, and are currently being used by our military in Iraq and many Tactical SWAT teams around the country. The Tactical rubber ball Continuous Discharge, White Smoke Grenade delivers a cloud of white Smoke for approximately 30 seconds. These smoke grenades can be used indoors, unlike the typical metal smoke grenade. They are 100% pyrotechnic free and will not start a fire indoors or outside. Many military and police forces are moving to this style of smoke grenades for tactical urban situations, because they are much safer to use in and around buildings. These Grenades are primarly used for indoor tactical situations, but can be used for any situation that smoke is required.

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