1 - Rock River Arms Advanced Tactical Hunter Complete AR-15 Upper Receiver

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This is a Rock River Arms Advanced Tactical Hunter Complete AR-15 Upper Receiver. Rock River Arms designed this upper for those who place a premium on the accuracy of their hunting or defensive AR-15s. This upper comes equipped with an 18" stainless steel heavy profile match barrel, which is threaded for a muzzle device and comes standard with Rock River's Tactical Muzzle Brake. The barrel also incorporates a 1 in 8 twist rate and a Wylde chamber for improved accuracy with match grade .223 while still allowing the safe and accurate use of military ball ammo. The forend is Rock River's Advanced Half-Quad Handguard, which features a full length top rail and abbreviated rails at 3,6 and 9 o'clock positions. This makes for a comfortable grip and the slab-sided, dimpled rear of the forend while still retaining the ability to mount accesories on the front-mounted short rails. It also lacks a front sight tower for unobstructed vision through your optic of choice. This upper will certainly get attention on the firing line for it's sharp looks and accuracy. Comes complete with semi-auto bolt and bolt carrier, simply install on your standard AR-15 lower and shoot away! Manufactured in the USA.

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    Amazing upper! perfect barrel profile for good harmonics and weight it is very light for an 18" heavy barrel and a free float rail, with a troy Vtac rail it will weigh even less, but I am very happy with the design as is the advanced half quad from Rock river is much better than the old half quad. Like I said perfect barrel profile for accuracy and weight while still getting the rigidity so that the gun wont heat string after a few shots, I tested the accuracy out in the Desert of Eastern Washington and was very satisfied. each ammo type was tested with 5, 5 shot groups fed from the magazine, and discounting any called fliers by me, Using a harris bipod and a rear bag prone. with Federal AE 55gr fmjbt I was grouping around 1.5" shooting 1.4-1.6 at 100 yds, that ammo is 1.75"-2.25" out of my 16" bushmaster, With SS109 62 gr ammo I was just under 1.5" @ 100yds with a 1.3-1.5" avg group size, and then finally with 69 and 77 gr Sierra Match king rounds the groups dropped to .7-.8" @ 100 my best group of the day was 3 shots of 69 gr SMK (the last 3 rds) at an impressive .654" . thats when I went longer range and even at 400-700 this upper matched with my Bushmaster lower and an Ok Jard 3.5 lb trigger I saw the same sub minute groupings. The Conditions during the test was 95* @ 2500- 3000ft above sea level and 38% humidity barometric Unknown and we were in a canyon shooting into a consistent headwind, ranging from 3mph all the way to 12-15 mph gusts, but all was no value headwind, My best group with that 69gr SMK was in an almost no wind lull

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