1 - Nite Hunter Varmint NHV-001 Rifle Mounted Illumination System

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  • Manufacturer Nite Hunter
  • Manufacturer SKU NHV001

This is a Nite Hunter Varmint NHV-001 Rifle Mounted Illumination System. The Nite Hunter Varmint (NHV) has re-chargeable battery and charger. NHV is LED-based technology, will work in any weather conditions including cold weather. NHV comes with 3 different mounting solutions so you can mount to a 30mm scope, 1" scope and Picatinny rail. NHV mounts are simple, strong and effective. Nite Hunter's system mounts on most all rifles and includes all the popular mounting options in a single kit. This kit includes a 160 Lumens Green LED light, a clicker and pressure switch, a rechargeable battery and charger + a 1" scope mount, a 30mm scope mount and a picatinny rail mount. The battery life is 7+ hours with a full charge and will easily illuminate out to 200+ yards, turning your rifle into a very inexpensive near-night vision set-up. Because Nite Hunter uses LED, their system easily handles sub-40 degree F.

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