1 - Nikon Laser IRT 4-12x42 BDC Rifle Scope

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  • Manufacturer Nikon Optics
  • Manufacturer SKU 8477

This is a Nikon Laser IRT 4-12x42 BDC Rifle Scope. The Laser IRT combines the speed of a Nikon rangefinder with the accuracy potential of the patented Nikon BDC reticle. Multicoated Nikon optics deliver from dawn to dusk, while the field of view and power range are suitable for any hunt. Patented BDC reticle allows hunters to hold 'dead-on' at ranges exceeding those previously thought possible. The BDC's unique see-through ballistic circles offer an incredible advantage for long range shooting, yet allow a normal sight picture for shorter-range shots where the crosshair itself is the aiming point. Patent-pending laser activator with fast, one-touch button makes determining range and taking the shot fast and simple. Remote control laser activator can be easily attached to most firearms.Multicoated optics with multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds deliver bright, high-resolution images and brilliant color. Versatile 4-12 power zoom magnification range for close up and long range shots. Low profile mounting system places the IRT securely and safely on your rifle. Precise, hand-turn 1/4-MOA click adjustments with positive-click reticle adjustments get you zeroed in quicker and maintain your setting even with heavy recoil. Quick focus eyepiece allows the shooter to instantly bring the reticle into sharp focus. Waterproof, Fogproof, Shockproof (except battery chamber) nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed. Nikon Lifetime Full Warranty.

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