1 - Glock Entrenching Tool with Pouch

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  • Manufacturer Glock
  • Manufacturer SKU GLOET17070

This is a Glock Entrenching Tool with Pouch. The innovative field spade for the 21st century with many intelligent details. The surface-treated spade blade can be locked in three positions for different uses. The spade can be easily turned into a shovel or a hoe. The hardened saw blade in the handle can be quickly mounted if required. Folded up, the Glock field spade can be easily accommodated in any field backpack or vehicle trunk. A must for any outdoor professional. The Glock field spade is supplied in a durable nylon pouch that can be simply attached to a belt, backpack etc. This tool can be used as a spade, shovel, hoe, or saw.

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