1 - Fostech Outdoors Defend AR-15 AR-15 Right Hand Bump Fire Stock

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  • Manufacturer Fostech Outdoors LLC
  • Manufacturer SKU FOSD15RHA

This is a Fostech Outdoors Defend AR-15 AR-15 Right Hand Bump Fire Stock. The DefendAR-15 is the newest in an all aluminum line of products from FosTecH Outdoors, LLC. This stock allows the use of the "Bumpfire" tehnique from the shoulder. Bump firing is the legal act of using the recoil of a firearm to fire multiple shots in rapid succession. The relatively-rapid bursts from semi-automatic firearms simulate the discharge of automatic firearms. Even though a large number of rounds are fired in rapid succession, the trigger finger initiates each discharge; therefore, fully automatic fire is not actually taking place. This stock is the one many have been waiting for and the wait is now over. This stock fits both the fixed stock AR-15 and the 6 position collapsible stock version, just let us know which one you will be putting it on when ordering. If you already own the BUMPSKI all you need is the new buffer tube, cheek rest, and finger rest. The bottom half of the BUMPSKI stays the same!

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