1 - Food Supply Depot 72 Hour Food, Fire, and Filter Bucket

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This is a Food Supply Depot 72 Hour Food, Fire, and Filter Bucket. The Food Fire Filter 72-Hour Kit is an ideal solution to short-term emergency preparedness or a weekend in the great outdoors. Be ready with food, fire and water filtration to help you survive. 
This kit contains 12 servings a day for one person for 72 hours (5,890 calories). Your meals will not only fill, they will satisfy. In addition, the kit includes waterproof matches and InstaFire—a safe, natural fire starter, as well as utensils, a portable barbeque grill, first aid kit and a cooking pot.

Food Fire Filter 72-Hour Kit contains:

1 pouch Artisan Oatmeal (4 servings)

1 pouch Harvest 6 Grain Cereal (4 servings)

1 pouch Texas Sunrise Skillet (4 servings)

1 pouch Instant Milk (4 servings)

1 pouch Instant Orange Drink (8 servings)

1 pouch Rotini a la Marinara (5 servings)

1 pouch Nantucket Potato Soup (5 servings)

1 pouch Rio Grande Beans and Rice (3 servings)

6 pouches InstaFire Fire Starter

1 First Aid Kit (23 pieces)

1 Box Waterproof Matches

1 Portable Cooking Stove

1 Cooking Pot w/ Detachable Handle

1 Seychelle Filter Water Bottle

1 8oz. Drinking/Measuring Cup

1 Folding Utensil Set

Other Features:

Just add water

Quick and easy to prepare

A good source of protein every day

No hydrogenated oils, trans fats or added MSG

Unopened pouch, up to 20 year shelf life/Opened pouch, up to 1 year

Date of manufacturing printed on each mylar pouch

Date of manufacturing on the outside of the bucket

For best taste and nutritional value, use product before:

20 years of manufacturing date when stored at 60 F (16.6 C)

10 years of manufacturing date when stored at 70 F (21.1 C)

Folding Barbecue Frame; Open Size: 9-1/2″ X 9-1/2″ X 4-1/2″; Folded Size: 9-1/2″ X 9-1/2″ X 3/8″; 4 Pc 4-3/4″ Removable Legs; 1 Pc 9-3/4″ X 10″ X 19/64″ Grill Top; Total Weight of Grill : 0.75 LBS

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