1 - EOTech THERMAL-EYE X200xp Infrared Camera

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  • Manufacturer L3 Communications EOTech
  • Manufacturer SKU X200XP

This is an EOTech THERMAL-EYE X200xp Infrared Camera. The world’s most powerful handheld, infrared thermal imaging camera, the Thermal-Eye X200xp incorporates the industry’s leading IR imaging technology and offers unmatched value and an affordable price. Enhances scene detail with exceptional image quality. Improves vision in challenging field conditions like dust, smoke, and complete darkness with no blooming from lights. Stows easily into pocket for quick extraction and covert operation. Features advanced amorphous silicon microbolometer technology with 160x120 resolution. Detect human activity from up to 450 meters away. Sophisticated image processing for best-in-class image quality. Weighs just 13 ounces and operates on 2 AA lithium or alkaline batteries.

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