1 - Drago Gear 199-X Tactical Defense Pen Black

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  • Manufacturer Drago Gear
  • Manufacturer SKU DRA41303BL

This is Drago Gear 199-X Tactical Defense Pen Black Finish. Drago Tactical Pens represent a unique combination – they are at once fine writing instruments and formidable weapons of protection. Featuring attractive designs and premium ink cartridges, Drago Tactical Pens write as well and look as good as any regular pen. In an instant they can also become their owner’s best line of defense. One quick, well-placed thrust of a Drago Tactical Pen can generate enough stopping power to bring down even the most violent aggressor. Drago Tactical Gear is renowned for its toughness and durability and is trusted by individuals around the world who demand nothing but the best.

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