1 - Crosman Nitro Venom Hardwood Break Barrel .22 cal. Pellet Rifle with Scope

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This is a Crosman Nitro Venom Hardwood Break Barrel .22 cal. Pellet Rifle with Scope. The Nitro Venom air rifle features a precision, rifled barrel with fluted muzzle brake and sculpted rubber recoil pad. The rifle is equipped with a CenterPoint 3-9x32mm precision scope and a quick-lock mounting system for quick and easy optic mounting. The ambidextrous synthetic stock has a raised cheek piece and modified, beavertail forearm designed to promote the Artillery Hold shooting position. The wider surface area of the forearm is designed to rest on the palm of your hand, and assists in achieving improved accuracy with break barrel air rifles. Crosman Nitro Venom air rifles delivers serious hunting power with muzzle velocity of 800fps. Take one on a hunt to experience the power, stability and stealth of Nitro Piston technology.


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    Let me begin by stating this is a powerful and effective gun. Pellets fired at a metal target will flatten out and it is common to hear a pop as the pellets break the sound barrier. Now, that being said, I need to say that this is a heavy gun. It is uncomfortable to carry and difficult to shoot. It seems to be front heavy and unbalanced. For some hunters with years of big game hunting under their belt, it may feel more natural, but for the backyard warrier, it is hard to steady, harder to hold for your shot, and needs support to steady. I can't say I dislike this gun, but going after my ground squirrels is more a chore than a fun experience. If you buy one, plan on a long, slow learning curve and make time to acclimate. It is accurate and deadly to small game. But it is not a grab and go gun. Fun to shoot? Heck yes. Hard to shoot? Oh, heck yes.

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