1 - Beamshot PD2 120 Lumens LED Personal Defense Flashlight

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  • Manufacturer Beamshot
  • Manufacturer SKU PD2

This is a Beamshot PD2 Personal Defense Flashlight. The PD2 Personal Defense Flashlight is multifunctional and very versatile. The PD2 uses two standard AA batteries. With a function for everyday use, when turned to full power the PD2 projects a powerful 120 lumen beam out to 100 yards. If personal defense is needed then the PD2 can be made to strobe and will pulsate the full 120 lumens at a disorienting speed for potential assailants and to attract the attention of people in the area. The PD2 is made from aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized finish. Rugged yet lightweight, it is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and it will fit any Beamshot mount for use on your firearm. The PD2 is 6.2" X 1" in size, uses two AA batteries, and battery life at full power is approximately 1 hour. Batteries included. Weight: 4 3/4 ounces

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