1 - American Tactical Imports AR-15 300AAC 16" Melonite 1X7 Barrel

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  • Manufacturer Seekins Precision
  • Color Black
  • Manufacturer SKU B300AAC16

This is a American Tactical Imports AR-15 300AAC 16" Melonite 1X7 Barrel Carbine Length Gas. The American Tactical Imports 16" AR-15 barrel is chambered in 300AAC BLACKOUT and ready for installation onto a host upper receiver. The barrel features a 300AAC BLACKOUT Chamber. This barrel is a great choice for a general purpose AR rifle with a 1X7 twist rate.


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    This barrel came well packaged and looked great. Unfortunately after assembly it was very clear that there were defects in the chamber. Failure to fully chamber and if it did it took a hammer on the charging handle to extract. Mind you this was just cycling rounds and not firing. The brass was severely scared after extraction. Performed a light honing of the chamber and all is now good. I have no idea how this passed QA with a go/no go gauge.

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