1 - American Tactical Imports AR-15 300AAC 10.5" Melonite 1X7 Barrel

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  • Manufacturer Seekins Precision
  • Manufacturer SKU B300AAC10

This is an American Tactical Imports AR-15 300AAC 10.5" Melonite 1X7 Barrel Pistol Length Gas System. The American Tactical Imports 10.5" AR-15 barrel is chambered in 300AAC BLACKOUT and ready for installation onto a host upper receiver. The barrel features a 300AAC BLACKOUT Chamber. This barrel is a great choice for a general purpose AR rifle with a 1X7 twist rate.


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    Received this barrel today; it is advertised as having a carbine length gas system, however, it appears to be pistol length. My research indicates a pistol length system has the gas port 4 inches from the end of the barrel and a carbine port is 7 inches. This port measures 4.1 to 5 inches, depending on whether you measure at the beginning or end of the barrel extension. This build is for a 300 AAC pistol, that I will run suppressed and unsuppressed with subsonic and supersonic loads. I wanted the carbine length gas system to allow greater load flexibility. While this barrel is not optimal, my planned use of an adjustable gas block will allow me to control cyclic rate problems as they emerge. Time will tell if this unexpected variation is manageable.

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