30-30 Winchester ammo was introduced in 1894 as a companion cartridge to the model '94 Winchester Lever Action Rifle and was the first commercially available cartridge to be loaded with smokeless powder.

30-30 ammo actually began life as a breech-loading black powder cartridge and thus its numerical designation which indicates that it is a .30 caliber cartridge that was loaded with 30 grains of black powder. In fact, compared to other rifle cartridges of the time, the new .30-30 Winchester cartridge loaded with smokeless powder provided the hunter with much greater firepower than was presently available in a mid-bore caliber.

Judging by today's standards, the .30-30 Winchester is somewhat underpowered but, even so, according to ammunition manufacturer's sales records, it is still one of the most popular rifle cartridges ever designed. In fact, it is especially popular with Eastern deer hunters who commonly hunt their chosen game in dense hardwood forests and thus, they appreciate the quick handling characteristics of the lever action rifle and the moderate recoil of the .30-30 Winchester cartridge. Consequently, it is often chosen as the first rifle for young deer hunters for this very reason and, when loaded with lightweight lead "plinker" bullets, it also makes a fun target rifle. In addition, bullet weights for this cartridge usually rage from 100 grains to 170 grains and are normally available in a wide range of types.

It should be noted that when using this cartridge in rifles with tubular magazines, it is imperative that you only use bullets with either flat noses or the new elastomer tips in order to prevent accidental discharge caused by the rifle's recoil.

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  1. 20rds - 30-30 Barnes VOR-TX 150gr. TSX Flat Nose HP Ammo


    19 In Stock

  2. 20rds - 30-30 Corbon DPX 150gr. Hollow Point Ammo


    22 In Stock

  3. 20rds - 30-30 Federal Fusion 150gr. Flat Nose SP Ammo


    36 In Stock

  4. 20rds - 30-30 Federal Vital-Shok 170gr. Nosler Partition Ammo
  5. 20rds - 30-30 Federal Power-Shok 125gr. HP Ammo


    107 In Stock

  6. 20rds - 30-30 Federal Power-Shok 150gr. SP FN Ammo


    120 In Stock

  7. 20rds - 30-30 Federal Fusion 170gr. Flat Nose SP Ammo


    31 In Stock

  8. 20rds - 30-30 Fiocchi 150gr. Pointed Soft Point Ammo


    34 In Stock

  9. 20rds - 30-30 Hornady LEVERevolution 160gr. FTX Ammo


    13 In Stock

  10. 20rds - 30-30 Hornady CustomLite 150gr. Round Nose Soft Point Ammo
  11. 20rds - 30-30 Hornady LEVERevolution 140gr. MONOFLEX Polymer Tip Ammo
  12. 20rds – 30-30 Nosler 150gr. Ballistic Tip Ammo


    1 In Stock

  13. 20rds - 30-30 Prvi Partizan 150gr. SP Ammo


    27 In Stock

  14. 20rds - 30-30 Remington 150gr. Core-Lokt Soft Point Ammo


    43 In Stock

  15. 20rds - 30-30 Remington 170gr. Core-Lokt Soft Point Ammo


    103 In Stock

  16. 20rds - 30-30 Remington Hog Hammer 150gr. TSX HP Ammo


    3 In Stock

  17. 200rds –  30-30 Remington Core-Lokt 170gr. SP Ammo


    5 In Stock

  18. 200rds – 30-30 Remington Core-Lokt 150gr. SP Ammo


    14 In Stock

  19. 20rds - 30-30 Remington 170gr. Core-Lokt Hollow Point Ammo


    18 In Stock

  20. 20rds - 30-30 Winchester Super-X 170gr. Power Point Soft Point Ammo
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