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17 MACH 2

17 Hornady Mach 2 ammo, or 17 HM2 ammo, is a rimfire round based on several different calibers. Introduced in 2004 after the initial success of the 17 HMR, Hornady decided to design a lighter, and fast round. The 17 Mach 2 uses the 22 LR “stinger” case as a parent case, necked down a bit for the 17 caliber round.

17 Mach 2 ammunition is an incredibly fast round, capable of achieving more than 2,000 feet per second. This is nearly double the velocity of a 22 long rifle round. The way the 17 HM2 achieves this velocity is by using an incredibly lightweight bullet. The weight is a mere 17 grains, loaded with a V-MAX bullet. An advantage the 17 HM2 offers over the 22 is its use of the V-MAX bullet. These bullets resemble a more traditional spitzer round, whereas the 22 caliber is closer to a pistol round.

The 17 HM2 makes an excellent target shooting round for both bulk plinking and small bore competition. The round is very accurate and capable of achieving a flatter trajectory than the standard 22 Long rifle. Many 22 Long rifle weapons can be converted to 17 HM2 since it is based on the 22 LR Stinger round. Often the only necessary conversion part is a barrel. Several different conversions are available for a variety of weapons, including AR 15s. You can find all our in-stock 17HM2 ammo for sale listed below:

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