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Fiocchi ammunition is one of the most historic and successful ammo companies on the globe. With a heritage that dates back to the Napoleonic Europe and firm roots in the American midwest, Fiocchi is a popular ammunition company on both sides of the Atlantic.

Fiocchi has one of the most interesting stories in the ammunition industry. The company was officially founded in 1876, but the lineage of the company is traced all the way back to the early 1800’s, when two members of the Italian family, the Fiocchis, followed Napoleon’s French army when it was invading Italy.

Guilio Fiocchi became a bank manager and was eventually assigned to oversee a loan to a black powder and musket manufacturer. So off went Guilio, on assignment to inspect the manufacturing facility. What he found was a faltering business that was unlikely to repay a loan of any size.

Although he knew almost nothing about ammunition, let along it’s manufacturing process, he saw an opportunity. With his brother, an engineer named Giacomo, Guilio purchased the facility with a loan from his own bank and began manufacturing cased ammunition, which was just starting to come into use.

The company survived the turmoil of both world wars, which saw the facility seized by the Nazis and nearly leveled by American and British bombers. The company, however, made it out of the early 20th century in relatively good shape and was able to rebuild. Eventually, they made it to American shores, or more specifically, American fields.

In the 1950’s, Fiocchi partnered with Smith & Wesson and began production in Alton, Illinois. In 1983, a facility was built by Fiocchi in Springfield, Missouri, further enriching the company’s connection and investment with the United States.

Fiocchi now offers a wide variety of ammunition and reloading supplies to American consumers. Their lineup includes premium options for game bird loads, big game hunting, and more. They also supply self-defense handgun ammunition, reloading materials, and rimfire ammunition, as well as many other products.

Fiocchi can now call itself an American company, although it maintains a dedication to precise quality and craftsmanship that it attributes to an Italian heritage. The company is still owned and operated by the Fiocchi family, making it one of the few ammunition companies that is still run by people whose name is on the box.

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  1. 500rds - 22LR Fiocchi Standard Velocity 40gr. Lead Round Nose Ammo

    42 In Stock

  2. 50rds - 22LR Fiocchi Standard Velocity 40gr. Lead Round Nose Ammo

    134 In Stock

  3. 500rds - 22LR Fiocchi 40gr. Copper Plated Solid Point Ammo

    103 In Stock

  4. 50rds - 22LR Fiocchi 38gr. Copper Plated Hollow Point Ammo

    88 In Stock

  5. 500rds - 22LR Fiocchi 38gr Copper Plated Hollow Point Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 1 Review(s)


    41 In Stock

  6. 50rds - 22LR Fiocchi HV 40gr. Copper Plated Solid Point Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 2 Review(s)


    141 In Stock

  7. 500rds - 22LR Fiocchi 40gr Subsonic Hollow Point Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 1 Review(s)


    92 In Stock

  8. 50rds - 22LR Fiocchi 40gr. Subsonic Hollow Point Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 2 Review(s)


    97 In Stock

  9. 1000rds - 9mm Fiocchi 115gr. FMJ Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 17 Review(s)


    26 In Stock

  10. Fiocchi 9mm 115gr. CMJ - 1000 Rounds

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 1 Review(s)


    38 In Stock

  11. Fiocchi 9mm 115gr. CMJ - 50 Rounds

    27 In Stock

  12. Fiocchi 124gr FMJ 9mm Ammo

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    13 In Stock

  13. 50rds - 9mm Fiocchi 115gr. FMJ Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 8 Review(s)


    165 In Stock

  14. Fiocchi 124gr FMJ 9mm Ammo

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    94 In Stock

  15. 1000rds - 32 ACP Fiocchi 73gr. FMJ Ammo

    4 In Stock

  16. 50rds - 32 Auto Fiocchi 73gr. FMJ Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 3 Review(s)


    47 In Stock

  17. 25rds - 12 Gauge Fiocchi Heavy Target Shooting Dynamics 2 3/4" 1 1/8oz. #8 Shot Ammo

    20 In Stock

  18. 1000rds - 380 Auto Fiocchi 95gr. FMJ Ammo

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 3 Review(s)


    22 In Stock

  19. Fiocchi 9mm 115 Grain JHP - 1000 Rounds

    24 In Stock

  20. 250rds - 12 Gauge Fiocchi White Rino 2 3/4" 1 1/8oz. #8 Shot Ammo

    2 In Stock

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